American Red Cross Cool Mist Humidifier

The American Red Cross Cool Mist Humidifier is a small, low-maintenance humidifier that is great for any room of your home. The product is inexpensive and can fit just about anywhere. Humidifiers are important during the winter months because heating your house will also dry out the air. Humidifies work by sending small molecules of moisture into the hair which will work to keep you healthier. There are several benefits to keeping a humidifier in your house. They help to prevent and relieve colds because they keep the mucus membranes of your nose and throat, as well as the lining of your lungs, moist and working properly. If you have dry skin, a humidifier will help to relieve and prevent this problem because the dry air will no longer be sucking so much moisture out of your skin. Doctors often recommend humidifiers to people who get frequent nosebleeds because the air will be moist instead of drying out the mucus membranes in your nose. People also believe that a humidifier will help to prevent wood furniture and floors from drying out and cracking.

I like the Cool Mist Humdifier because it does not require a lot of work to maintain it. Room humidifier guide even recommends cool mist humidifiers as the best available. The water tank is removable so it can be rinsed out each day. This prevents you from having to do major cleaning on it each week. The tank also has a big opening which makes it simple to fill. There is a simple knob on the front that allows you to adjust the amount of mist. The product is very quiet so I can leave it on in my bedroom while I sleep. This humidifier is able to run for 20 hours on a single tank. This is much longer than my old humidifier which just ran overnight. The product has a good paper filer that does not need to be replaced frequently.

This product works great for me. I keep it in my bedroom which is about a medium sized room and it keeps the room at a great humidity level. I usually run it for about 10 hours a night so that I can get away with having to refill it only every other night. I have noticed a big difference in my skin because it is not dry and itchy anymore. I no longer wake up in the middle of the night with my lips dried out and need to go to the kitchen for a glass of water. This is a nice humidifier for a single room and is an appropriate price for the function it serves.

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