Breville BES870XL Barista; the best coffee espresso machine made so far

Barista Breville Machine won the award for the best machine being made so far for preparation of coffee and tea. In the year 2013, the award was bestowed to the company in because it was rated as the number one best value espresso machine by the users.

The machine can easily be used and it prepares coffees, teas and espressos in minutes. The machine has an integrated grinder, which reduces the time taken between grinding and extraction. It takes the time from minutes to seconds.  Customers can easily select from the grind settings if they really want from fine to coarse fresh grounds that would go into the basket. the coffee espresso machine has been filled in with many such features.

Even though the coffee machine comes with small size 54mm stainless steel portfilter, as compared to a 58mn portafilter, yet it is made in the commercial styled size spouts. Emptying the portafilter is an easy task, since the ground becomes dry and thus making it easier to empty the portafilter. At the back of the machine is also fitted a 2 litre removing water tank, with a water filter which can be easily filled with water.


  • Well designed with sturdy components and no components that look flimsy
  • Built in PID
  • The infusion gauge in the machine guides the user regarding where they have to adjust grind, tamp and amounts of coffee.
  • The grinder in the machine is built with adjustable controls
  • The steaming wand in the machine is great in use and it is very easy to clean
  • It`s fun loving and easy machine for use
  • Prepares delicious espressos and coffees.
  • Has an included milk pitcher
  • A very decent customer service and warranty from the company.

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