Razer Moray Goliathus Review

The Razer Moray is a great set of noise isolating ear buds with bass driven sound for on the go gamers and music buffs while the Razer Goliathus is a fantastic gaming mouse surface with large smooth textured surface for speed and control.

Razer has a great slogan and company motto, For Gamers, By Gamers, and they certainly do know what gamers want in their peripherals. Gaming devices such as ear buds and mouse pads are not your typical expensive products when you think of computers but they can be as important as any other hardware when it comes to adding to your gaming performance and experience.

These are not your typical gamer’s peripherals though in both quality and cost, the Razer Moray costs about $40 while the Razer Goliathus costs about $20. For true quality in gaming devices this is not expensive at all and I was happy to see the price of both of these as low as they are.

The Razer Moray is a noise isolating ear bud set that comes complete in a small carry case with the ear buds, three sets of ear bud plugs and an airplane adapter. The three sizes of ear plugs means you can have a comfortable match to your ear and the carry case is a convenient way to carry and know where the extras of the set are.

The Moray comes in Black and White and is a nice long 54 inches for plenty of length while intensely gaming with the two sides splitting at 21 inches. The ear pieces are very comfortable and do cancel out much of the outside noise to give an isolated feel and sound when listening to your favorite music or gaming.

I tried them out while gaming, watching movies and listening to music from my computer, PSP and Sansa View and was very impressed with both the bass and the clear mid and high ranges. The bass is about as deep as I have heard from ear buds and the other ranges are nice and clear with really good overall sound quality and clarity.

Voice as well as odd sound effects in gaming are really clear and come out well from the Moray ear buds and I had no problems with the broad range of use I tried them with. Everything about the Moray ear buds screams quality including the sound and music as well as gaming with very good bass and clear mid tones and high notes.

The carry case is a nice convenient way to tote around the Moray and has separate net compartments for the airplane adapter, the ear bud pieces and the Moray ear buds. I really enjoy this ear bud set and it has taken first place in my audio ear buds line for listening enjoyment out of all the other ear buds I own.

The Razer Goliathus is a new line of cloth and foam rubber mouse surfaces designed for either speed or control depending on the edition you choose. One version is designed for speed with its tight weave for a versatile mouse pad while the control edition is designed for use with more control and precise movement from the larger texture pattern.

Both the Razer Goliathus Speed and Control Editions come in three sizes; scaled down, mid-sized and oversized for your particular needs.
I find a larger surface works best for me and my work as well as gaming so I requested the oversized Speed edition.

The Razer oversized Speed Edition Goliathus is 14 inches by 17.25 inches wide and a little over an eighth of an inch thick with the top layer being a tight weaved cloth and the bottom being a dense black foam rubber. The surface is very smooth and every mouse I have rides across the surface nicely including my Logitech M5500, Razer Death Adder and my newest Wolfking Trooper MVP.

The surface is a very tight weave to give the laser a good surface to bounce off and give the sensor the maximum response for accurate mouse movements. The Razer Goliathus gives me the speed I need as well as the precise control for aiming while playing first person shooters.

The large sized mouse surface is very nice for not falling off the edge but both the Speed and Control editions come in various sizes to suite your style and needs. The cloth and foam rubber mouse pads conveniently roll up for travel to your gaming LAN parties and have the nice Razer Goliathus Logo on the front left corner and the Razer Logo in the upper right.

Both the Razer Moray and the Goliathus continue the great quality and tradition of gamers producing superior quality products for gamers. They have taken all the aspects and features I would want to see and left out all the things not necessary for products that are both stylish in their simplicity but made of the finest quality materials for expert gaming peripherals.

I highly recommend the Razer Moray for a great sound experience in both gaming and general audio enjoyment and the Razer Goliathus for a fantastic mouse surface that excels at speed and control while gaming.

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